The Podcast

Focus: A science based podcast/blog that appeals to both experts in the field of research and also the general public. The concept will be addressing various topics within (but not limited to) the world of experimental medicine, sport, anatomy, exercise, nutrition, physiology and biomechanics.

Aim of Podcast: the primary goal for the podcast is to acquire one to two interviews per month with various specialists in a multitude of disciplines, both in an applied and research setting.

Two Person Podcast & The Benefit of Collaboration: This will enable the podcast and blog to have an un-biased approach, due to the thoughts formulated and material presented is coming from two different perspectives rather than a single individual’s speculations and objectivity.

How We Differ: The approach we will take will be an un-biased viewpoint that looks at the strengths, limitations and applications of the current literature. In addition to this, we will bring on researchers, scientists, coaches and athletes to discuss their area of expertise. We will try to appeal to the masses, but the topics discussed will be heavily research based and thus the information provided may be too complex for some.

Interview Episodes: Depending on the person being interviewed, will dictate the course of the script. In general, the podcasts will last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and focus heavily on the interviewee’s area of expertise.

  • Example Episode Script: Expert Dr. Erik DeRoche. A chiropractor for the USA National Swim team and owns his own practice located in Bellingham, Washington, Performance Health Northwest.  
    • Topics would range from: his background, why he chose to practice chiropractic care, what are the main techniques he utilizes when dealing with the USA swim team in order to optimize their performance, how did he get connected with them [USA swim team], his sport history, his recommendations in staying injury free, the dogma around “snap-pop” chiropractor’s, nutrition techniques, his insight to individuals thinking of pursuing a career in chiropractic care [the good, bad and ugly].

Research Article Review EpisodesVarious research articles will be brought forth and critically evaluated. A rundown of the abstract will be first embodied to prepare the listener for the following interpolations: the studies strengths, limitations and then a final comment with applications to real life situations. This research article review is in order to help listeners [and myself] understand how to interpolate the data/results themselves, and draw their own conclusions and discussion from the study. Rather than relying on the authors inferences.

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