Research Article Review [RR] – Episode #1 – Fast Food vs Sport Supplements

Happy Meal

McDonald’s Happy Meal

Fast Food vs Sport Supplements: Fast food just as good as sport supplements! You heard that right. Today in the first research article review on Empirical Minds, we look at a brand new publication out of The Montana Center for Work Physiology and Metabolism at the University of Montana, in Missoula, MT, US. Cramer and colleagues designed the first ever study comparing the effects of two different post-workout nutrition meals, common sports supplements marketed towards maximizing performance and recovery and good ol’ McDonalds. The authors looked at muscle glycogen re-synthesis, blood biomarkers and performance in a 20-km time-trial (TT) following the acute feeding windows (0- and 2-hr post-exercise).Tune in to find out exactly why the authors proposed the study, their methodology, the amazing results, their conclusions and some strength/weaknesses to the overall design.

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WPEM Logo with The Golden Arches from McDonald’s [Disclaimer: this photo was created by one of the authors of this site, Dylan Dahlquist. In no way, is Dr. Brent Ruby or his lab affiliated with McDonald’s during this study.] Cramer et al (2015) funded this project through their own money (out of pocket).

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